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Charge Up for Good Health

Is Your Breakfast Boring?

Yogurt, yawn. Cereal, not again! What can you do to make your healthy breakfast less blah? Chef Devi...

My breakfast is boring. I usually pour a bowl of whole-grain cereal and have that with fruit and my much-beloved coffee. Almost everyday. And when I change up my morning meal, it’s when I’m travelling and treat myself to an omelet or pancakes at the hotel.

Clearly, I need a breakfast intervention. So last month, when I got invited to meet Chef Devin Alexander, who wrote several cookbooks for the Biggest Loser series, I jumped at the chance. My 10-year-old daughter, Katie, begged to come with me since as she put it, “My breakfast is just as boring as yours.” I couldn’t argue that.

When we arrived at the event in New York City, Chef Devin greeted us warmly. “Are you ready to try some bacon?” she asked my daughter. “Bacon! I love bacon!” Katie replied. Chef Devin made four recipes that featured turkey products. (Turkey bacon has 60 percent less sodium and fat than the pork version.) Katie’s favorite dish was actually something I would have never considered making for breakfast: arugula salad with egg whites and Parmesan cheese. It’s a great reminder that you don’t have to limit yourself to “breakfast food” in the morning.

We also liked the Summer California Breakfast Sandwich, a healthy take on an Egg McMuffin. Chef Devin tucked sliced tomatoes, avocado, bacon and egg whites inside a whole-grain English muffin. And that got us thinking about other fillings to try with English muffins, such as scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa or peanut butter with sliced strawberries.

The morning after the event, my daughter woke me up extra early. “What should we have for breakfast?” she asked. We peeked inside the fridge and pulled out leftover roasted sweet potatoes. We heated them up, squirted on a smidge of maple syrup, and for the final touch, added a dollop of Greek yogurt. Breakfast never tasted so good.

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