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Beauty & Confidence

Do you have any creative tricks for how I get my kids to wash their hands properly?

Do you have any creative tricks for how I get my kids to wash their hands properly?

Hand washing is one of the most important habits you can teach your child. This one simple act protects against colds, the flu and all kinds of infectious diseases. To do it well, you need to scrub for about 20 seconds to kill cold and flu virus, but most kids don’t stay at the sink long enough.

One surefire way to keep them scrubbing? Sing! It takes 20 seconds to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. Or make the process more fun by using a few verses of their favorite tune.

Need inspiration? For a 4-year-old, try “The Wheels on the Bus.” Got a 9-year-old who can’t get enough of Hannah Montana? Use the theme song from the TV show.

If singing doesn’t do the trick, let your kids pick out soap with colors of their liking or favorite characters on the label. For young children, keep a toy next to the soap. Then, when your little one washes her hands, her little friend -- an Elmo figure or a Littlest Pet Shop pup -- gets a bubble bath.

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