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Beauty & Confidence

What medicines should I stock up on for the back-to-school season?

What medicines should I stock up on for the back-to-school season?

You can’t prepare for every single product your child might need to use during the school year. You’re better off purchasing any special-situation ones as needed.

The following are essential medicine-cabinet items that every mom should have on hand:

· Acetaminophen, in age-appropriate doses, to reduce fever and relieve the stress headaches kids often get when they go back to school. For children 16 years and older, aspirin is another option.

· Ibuprofen, especially if you have a child who plays sports. Ibuprofen is the best medication for reducing pain and swelling from sports injuries.

· Hydrogen peroxide, triple-antibiotic ointment and bandages in various shapes and sizes, to treat the minor cuts and scrapes kids often get when they’re rough-housing on the playground.

· An antacid, for occasional tummy aches. Liquid or chewable tablets are both good options, so get whichever your child prefers.

· An anti-diarrhea medicine made for kids.

· A thermometer -- either the oral digital kind or one for the ear. Mercury thermometers are no longer recommended because of the toxic risks of mercury if the glass breaks. If you have a mercury thermometer at home, don’t throw it in the garbage. Ask your pediatrician or local health department how to dispose of it safely.

· A small bottle of hand sanitizer that your child can keep in his backpack.

· A children’s cough and cold remedy (check the label for age restrictions).

· Tissues -- get enough packs to stuff your kids’ lockers and backpacks; you’ll encourage them to practice proper germ-control.

· Insect repellent

· Sunscreen

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