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Home DIY

The best tactic for keeping mold and mildew at bay? Prevention.

The best tactic for keeping mold and mildew at bay? Prevention.

Prevention is the key to keeping mold and mildew away. If your bathroom has a fan, always use it when taking a shower and keep it in on for a few minutes after your shower to get all the moisture out of the air. If you don’t have a fan, keep a door or window cracked to allow air to circulate.

Before stepping out of the shower, use a squeegee on the shower doors and walls. This keeps soap scum away and stops the moisture from lingering on shower walls -- double duty prevention!

If you do notice mold and mildew on tiles and grout, scrub it up right away. You can use hydrogen peroxide right from the bottle (it's light-sensitive so you want to keep it in the bottle) by just screwing a spray top on the bottle. Give your mold and mildew a spritz, let it sit for a couple minutes and then scrub it away.

Most importantly, keep the mold and mildew away with a weekly bathroom cleaning.

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