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Charge Up for Good Health

3 Ways to Boost Your Self-love and Confidence

When life gets difficult and you start being too hard on yourself, try these tricks to remain calm, ...

We live in a crazy world where we’re often stressed, running from one meeting to the next, working off huge to-do lists and hardly ever stopping to breathe. Oftentimes, amidst our normal chaos, the only person we can rely on is ourselves.

But what if at those times when we need comfort and reassurance the most, we’re busy neglecting our needs or being too hard on ourselves? We might get pretty lonely and unhappy.

To change that, try these three instant self-love boosters:

1. Create an “I am” vision board.

Vision boards are fun. Dream big and post images of your fantasy self, write words you’d like to be known for, characteristics you’d like to live out. Go all out and make it beautiful. Look at it every day, and you’ll soon resemble the person you’d love to be. This is a great way to ease into having a more meaningful relationship with yourself.

2. Embrace solitude.

We often run away from being with ourselves and clutter our life with noise, useless work or other mindless activities. Try to make it a habit to spend time with yourself. A relationship with someone can only thrive if you get to know him or her. So get to know yourself -- spend time with yourself and explore who you truly are. Travel by yourself, go for long walks, take yourself out to dinner or simply be still. Be creative and find out what you like without having to listen to the needs and wants of others.

3. Give in to your cravings.

Instead of being in a bad mood all the time because you’re not allowing yourself to enjoy the deliciousness of food, give in to your cravings every once in a while. This will improve your mood, delight your taste buds and make you feel happy and loved all around. So every once in a while, ditch the diet and say yes to chocolate-chip ice cream.

Bonus tip: Take action.
Being there for yourself doesn’t happen by chance. Only by taking action, creating new habits and reducing the negativity in your life (including negative self-talk) will you be able to connect with your core. And once you do, your life will change drastically.



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