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Charge Up for Good Health

Fall 2012: The One Fashion Trend You Have to Try This Season

Everyone can wear this seasonís trendiest accessory, whether you have cash to burn or need to count ...

Everything has a season -- or at least that's how the song goes -- but does every season have a flavor? An essence?

Maybe, maybe not, but it does have a color -- and for this season, that color is oxblood!

The one thing you must own this fall is one article of clothing in oxblood. This deep crimson color can be worn in many ways and tends to flatter most complexions and body types. I see it as maroon's more sophisticated (read: sexier) sister -- the Jessica to Sweet Valley High’s Elizabeth Wakefield, if you will. It's a shade that's slightly vampy, but consider the setting: As fall blows in with a clear, pristine chill, aren't you feeling just a tad moodier already? Reflect the season!

For me, a winter coat just may be the way to go. Splurging on a warm winter coat is a great way to incorporate this shade into your wardrobe. Personally, I'm rather smitten with this McQ Alexander McQueen coat, but at $3,130, it may be a bit too steep for many a price range.

But here’s the great thing about color trends – you can adapt them in little or big ways. While someone who’s gun shy (or on a tight budget) may try an oxblood nail shade, the more daring among us may work it into a variation on the LBD (would that be an LOD?), or perhaps spring for a pair of oxblood skinny jeans. The method isn't the madness -- the creation is the inspiration!

OK, that was hokey, but you all know what I mean -- all that matters is that you wear the color.

Please come back and tell me what you decided to spend your money on -- and how it turned out!



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