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Charge Up for Good Health

Would Your Friends Tell You the Truth?

Everyone needs someone who’s honest with them.

Nobody really likes to hear the bitter truth about themselves. That maybe you’re obsessing too much about something, that your eyebrows need a good waxing or that perhaps that extra slice of cake is not a great idea. But when you have friendships with deep roots, those truths can emerge safely, even if they do sting a little.

I’m thinking of some of my best friends who have stood the test of time and distance. I’ve known some of these people for years, and they call it like it is. They spare me the fake kindnesses and tell me exactly when they think I’m doing something wrong or I need to switch gears.

And for that, I love them. After all, we want to be told the truth. Don’t we?

Total honesty in any relationship requires trust, a special kind of trust that takes time and nurturing. Eventually, you come to realize that this is a safe person, someone who really does want only the best for you.

Of course, having truth-telling friends also takes receptivity. You have to be willing to be on the receiving end of those truths, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. And let’s face it: We all have friends with whom we’ll never be truthful because we know they wouldn’t really want to hear it.

Oh sure, sometimes the truth hurts. But for me, the honesty is offset by all the times I’ve turned to these friends for advice, solace and just a friendly voice on the other end.

So let’s celebrate all the truth tellers in our lives, those precious, priceless friends who will always call the proverbial spade a spade and tell you when your new haircut just isn’t cutting it. There’s no one quite like them, and if you have even one person being honest with you, you’re lucky. And that’s the truth.



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