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Charge Up for Good Health

5 Free Android Apps for Healthy Eating

Got an Android phone? Here, the best nutrition apps you shouldn''t eat without

For my recent post on iPhone apps for healthy eating, a nutrition expert let me peek at her iPhone to get the skinny on helpful healthy-eating apps. Well, friends with Android phones, it’s now your turn. These apps are off the hook:

I actually have the iOS version of this app on my iPhone. And friends tell me it works just as well on their BlackBerry. My favorite part: the shopping list component. I plug in my grocery list (either through voice recording or typing) and it tells me where there’s a special on the groceries I need, along with coupons. Since I don’t have time to look through all the Sunday ads, this is a real time- and money-saver. And the more organized I am, the less likely I am to blow off cooking dinner and dial for a pizza.

2. AllergyEats
If you have food allergies (or someone in your family does), this app is literally a lifesaver. It helps you locate allergy-friendly restaurants across the country and gives you reviews so you know what to expect before you walk in the door. For instance, a friend with a nut-allergic kid had no idea that Texas Roadhouse, a steakhouse chain, serves peanuts on every table and literally has nut shells all over the floor. Imagine if she had taken her severely allergic daughter there!

3. Dirty Dozen
by the Environmental Working Group
You may remember a recent blog I wrote about which produce typically contains the most pesticides and warrants buying organic. Well, I don’t know about you, but when I get to the store, I can never seem to keep it straight in my head. Do I need organic carrots -- or was that celery? Should I spend the extra $2 on organic strawberries, or are the regular ones OK? This app, which lists the most and least contaminated fruits and veggies, is a great reference.

4. Calorie Counter
You want to know how many grams of fat are in that latte from Starbucks or the handful of potato chips that you couldn’t resist eating? Well, this app by MyFitness Pal -- with more than 1.7 million foods -- has tallies of all the important nutrition details: calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar and more. Plus, you can track your weight, connect with friends or try one of the 350 suggested exercises.

5. Whole Foods Market
I don’t have a Whole Foods nearby (sob, sob) for the coupons to be helpful, but I still love the healthy recipes on this app. You can even sort them by category -- like gluten-free, high-fiber or low-fat. Red lentil burgers, here I come!

For more great health and lifestyle content, check out the rest of Completely You



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