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I want to freshen up my interior. What are some colors I should consider for an updated, summery look?

I want to freshen up my interior. What are some colors I should consider for an updated, summery loo...

Summer colors feel bright, airy and fresh -- just like the weather. But don’t choose just one color to pull your space into the sun. Instead, select two or more hues that play off one another, adding depth and interest to any room.

These are some of my favorite summery paint color palettes. Each color works nicely on its own but is much happier with a companion or two. Choose your favorite color from a grouping and let that one lead the pack.

Combo 1: Creamy white with soft yellow-green and pale orange
The white here balances and neutralizes the pastel pairing of the green and orange. It’s like a fresh cantaloupe and melon salad!

Spiced Butternut 310B-5, Cotton Whisper W-F-300 and Pear 400A-3 by Behr

Combo 2: Cool, greenish-white with aloe and sea greens
This is a cool and summer-fresh combination that feels like a day on a tropical beach.

Cool Aloe 440B-4, Sea Cap 440A-2 and Intense Jade 470A-3 by Behr.

Combo 3: Citrus orange, warm white and a fruity pink
Turn up the décor intensity with hot yellow and a fruity sorbet peach. It’s so delicious it’s almost edible!

Citrus 360B-5, Social Butterfly 360A-1 and Fruit Shake 180B-4 by Behr.

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Image Credit:

Bedroom: Corbis



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