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Charge Up for Good Health

Suds of Choice

Here are some natural soaps that earn a spot in my shower.

When you’re a product junkie like me, a solitary bar of soap will not cut it. Oh no, one will not do. Upon stepping into my shower each morning, I expect to be greeted by a variety of sudsy options to satisfy whatever mood I happen to be experiencing. On any given day there are usually two bars in play and a number of bottles containing a range of liquid soaps. Currently, my cleansing options are vast. Here’s what it looks like on my shower shelf:

EO Everyone Soap: This giant bottle -- 32 fluid ounces to be exact -- is an all-purpose scrubber of notable value that can be used on every part of everyone’s body, including hair. My family (man, woman and four-year old child) has been moving through the coconut and lemon scent for a couple of months now, which leaves us smelling, not displeasingly, like a Thai kitchen. The little one pumps a few squirts of the soap into the tub for an easy bubble bath and the adults use it on a scrubbing mitt or washcloth. The multi-tasking soap is not 100 percent organic, but does include organic coconut extract and an organic herbal blend made from soothing plants like chamomile, calendula and aloe. (32 fl. oz.; $9.99)

Whole Foods Triple French Milled Soap: This bar soap gets my vote for its organic ingredients, thick lather and bright, but not overpowering, fragrance. I’ve got Lemon Verbena ready to go for the mornings when I’m dragging. The fresh, zippy scent helps pull me fully into consciousness. Cucumber Lime and Lavender are lovely mellower options. ($6.99).

Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap: Black soap is pretty awesome. Made from a combination of shea butter, palm kernel oil and ashes collected from plantain leaves and bark from the Agow tree, the soap is prized for its gentleness and versatility. The soap can be used on the face and body, as shampoo, as a shaving aid and is even safe for babies. Allafia’s is Fair Trade, paraben-free and contains no synthetic fragrance. (8 fl. oz.; $8.95).

Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Bar Soap: This soap is simple, simple, simple. It’s no secret that olive oil is an effective natural moisturizer. Put it into a bar of soap and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get clean without ending up with tight, dry skin. This is a no-frills cleanser with a super subtle scent and no scary additives -- that’s no parabens, pthalates or synthetic fragrance. ($2.99).

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap: I try to reserve my 8-ounce bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Lavender soap for traveling, but sometimes it’s the only soap I want. This stuff is so pure and so good, made with just a handful of easy-to-read organic ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and lavender oil. I can’t get enough of it! (8 fl. oz.; $6.39).

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