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Home Sweet Solutions

Want to hang a picture?

Hang a picture frame straight and sturdy in just four steps.

You’ve finally framed that family portrait or perfect artwork, just in time for guests to enjoy during the holidays. Now all you have to do is mount it on the wall. There’s a multitude of picture hangers, hooks and fasteners to choose from, as well as many ways to hang a framed picture. But most standard frames are hung from a metal saw-tooth hanger or picture wire. If your frame is fitted with a metal hanger or picture wire, then the step-by-step instructions that follow will show you how to hang your picture frame like a pro.

Picture frame with saw-tooth metal hanger or picture wire attached
Tape measure
Fastener: Nail or screw and hollow wall anchor (for frames with metal hanger); or J-hook and pin (for frames with picture frame wire)
Drill and drill bits (optional)
Stud finder (optional)
Hammer or Philips screwdriver (depending on fastener)

1. Determine the type of hanger on your frame.

First, look at the back of the frame and note whether it’s fitted with a metal saw-tooth hanger or picture wire. This will determine the type of fastener you choose. If it has a metal hanger, you can use a nail (for lightweight frames) or a screw and wall anchor (for heavier frames) as a fastener. If it has wire, you can use a J-hook (choose one appropriate for the weight of the picture). J-hooks come with a pin or pins that affix the hook to the wall.

2. Decide where you want to hang the picture.
Hold the frame against the wall to decide where you’d like to place it. (NOTE: You may want an assistant to help you hold the frame while you stand back and see how it looks.) When you’re happy with the spot, make a small, light pencil mark at the center top of the frame. Then measure from the top of the frame to the bottom of the picture hanger or to where the peak of the picture wire would be when pulled taut by the hook. Note the distance, and measure and mark this point on the wall for the fastener.

3. Install the hanger.
If your picture is relatively lightweight and you’re using a nail, tap the nail into the wall at a 45-degree angle at the mark.

If the picture is heavier, use a stud finder to determine if there’s a stud at the point where you want to hang the picture. If not, use a hollow wall anchor (select one that is rated for the weight of your picture) designed to be used in drywall or wallboard. Drill a hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the wall anchor into the drywall. Screw or push the anchor into the wall, then drive in a screw appropriately sized for the anchor. If there is a stud, simply drive the screw directly into the stud. In either case, let the screw extend slightly from the wall so the hanger can rest on it. If you’re using a J-hook and pin(s), place the bottom of the hook at the mark on the wall, and using the hammer, tap in the pin(s).

4. Hang the picture frame.
Place the metal hanger over the nail or screw, or place the wire over the hook. Place the level on top of the frame and adjust until the level bubble is in the center of the tube between the two lines, indicating that the frame is level.

If possible, hang your picture so that the center of the image is at about 57 inches from the floor, which is the standard average height of the human eye.



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